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Training plans, coaching advice and a support team for all runners looking to take their running to another level and... 
"Run your next race faster and injury free with affordable world class training like you have never experienced before"

Stop winging it! Instead, bust through that plateau and get focused training from Greg McMillan and his coaching staff. Join a club of over a thousand other runners with over 200 training plans, detailed resources and guidance that you can start using TODAY to get faster, reduce injuries, and crush your biggest running goals.

We finally figured it out! (and how this helps you)

I have had great success in helping a lot of runners in both personal 1:1 coaching and through my now famous McMillan Running calculator. In fact over 14 million athletes have used my pacing calculator!

There has always been something that bothered me though... It seems like there is this big gap between the personal training of a local 1:1 coach and an athlete that buys a plan online and trains alone

Sure, I have trained athletes to lower their personal best and of course plenty have dropped by to get training paces or purchase training plans...but there is something missing. I want to help out even more but there is just not enough time and it seems like this gap or void is where I can make the biggest impact.  

After talking to a lot of runners about this gap I found out I was right. 

Runners, like you, are searching for:

1. Something as effective as 1:1 coaching but without the high cost and time commitment.

2. Training that goes beyond a simple print out of a cookie cutter spreadsheet plan.

3. The support and friendship of a social running club but on their own time.

Sound familiar? Here is the good news! 

After trying idea after idea...We finally figured it out and have built an incredible platform and training program that can be as effective as 1:1 coaching (without the cost), completely social, and always available when you have time to train...not your coach or your club.

RunClub is here!

Like I said, there is nothing out there like this but more on this in a bit…

But First, We Want to be Upfront

We are not going to give you 10 pages of testimonials or 40 reasons why you should join. No shenanigans...we are so confident and proud of this product we don't need to. 

Why? This is something really special. In fact, it is the most power-packed, value-added, run training on the planet. ESPECIALLY for the price. You are being coached by some of the most respected running coaches in the world! For almost nothing... 

We will talk later about why the price is ridiculously low but there is a reason for the craziness. 

We are creating a totally different training experience than you’ve ever seen before. It's different from the traditional 1:1 coaching, clinics or camps and even online training plans that are out there. 

Based on the success of our existing coaching clients, we know this is working and we have come up with something really special. 

But I am sure you are wondering...

"Will this really help me take my running game to another level...will my friends really notice how much better/faster I am getting?"

Uhm....YES!!! It will certainly help and what is triple awesome is it does not matter what level you are at. Beginner just starting, intermediate who needs to bust through a rut or an advanced runner who needs very fine tweaks.

5 Reasons Why Being in RunClub is Special
1. Proven Coaching from World Champion Coaches that Will Improve Your Speed and Performance

No more messing around. You are here to get better and we are here to help!

We will get you set up right away with a focused training in over 200 running plans to choose from…no more winging it! And, we have training plans for distances between 800 meters and 100 miles.

We have a resource library full of exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else and a huge library of training plans.  Among them…

2. Learn not just from one World Class Coach, but Many and THOUSANDS of runners around the world 

Why just learn from one coach, like Greg — when you can learn from our many awesome coaches and HUNDREDS of runners around the world who have faced learning obstacles just like you? 

In RunClub we bring runners of all levels together and the result is some of the most incredible peer-peer training and runner education around. It really is magical. We of course lead it. But by no means are we the only ones helping you.

You see…you are just not coached by ONE person. You now have a club of hundreds to learn from. With access to that many people you are bound to run into someone who has faced your exact situation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg

3. RunClub is Always 'On'. This Makes You Better...Here's Why

The traditional model of learning through online plans, camps, and running clubs is fine. We do that too…we get it. It’s just not always the best.

The reason? 

Things are changing every day…YOU change every time you go out there and run and you need a system that will address these changes and get you ‘just in time’ training. We know that you can’t always wait until your next training session…or fork out the cash for the next clinic. 

That is why the coaches and the WHOLE CLUB are always there. We can answer your questions, give you first hand reviews, and more.


But it goes even deeper than that. The RunClub environment is like nothing out there.  You are plugged into a running space that is all your own. It soon becomes your run family when you have friends that are right there with you. Friends that “get you”. The Club is incredibly supportive and ready to help each other out on your journey to be the best runner you can be. 

With the club you can; 

1. Hangout in a space that is filled with dedicated runners, just like you.
2. Train using the same plans. Why do it alone?
3. Have a place to share ideas, get feedback and even vent.
4. Get advanced feedback from Coaches that you would never have had access to before. 

When you join, you quickly become aware why this is so special.

"Come for the training...Stay for the Community"

4. Go Beyond 'Getting Faster' - Raise Your Limits

It is said….You become the average of the five people you hang out with.

Don’t believe that?

Ask anyone that has any sort of success in any field and 100% of them will always point to a time that they had an incredible mentor or talk about how they immersed themselves with others that were like-minded…and they were PUSHED to expand their limits. They reinvented what they thought was possible.

It’s a different mindset….you can be better than your best dreams.

Imagine showing up at your next 5k, half, marathon…whatever. Knowing that you have been trained by the best in the world and encouraged by a team of runners from around the world. 

Hard to beat you on that day, right?

5. A Crazy Low Price - Only $39.99/month

Nope! We are not going to ask you to fork over thousands of dollars. RunClub is totally pay as you go and you can cancel at any time. Pretty simple. In fact, if you try everything and you still don’t like it…we even have a guarantee.

Why do we do it for so cheap? 

There is nothing like RunClub out there. You are getting access to coaches that charge hundreds of dollars an hour. Why do you get this for so little? It’s simple, RunClub wants to be the leader in the space of online coaching. The best way to do that is to churn out the biggest, best, running club around. To do that we need to make it as affordable as possible.

And that means we need YOU. Come show us what you got and become part of something bigger than running.

Start Getting Faster Today! Grab Your Spot in RunClub

We close membership from time to time so we can give team members the attention and training they deserve. But, RunClub is now open again for new members so you caught this at the right time. 

$39.99/mo and you can cancel at anytime and we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. RunClub is Perfect for YOU!


For a limited time, when you join RunClub, you'll receive a free Runner's Gift Box from Generation UCAN. Sample the same nutrition that powered Meb to victory in Boston!

What Others Say About McMillan Training

"This tops my best year of racing ever with PRs in the 5k, 10k, half marathon, 50k and 50 miler. Feeling lucky and proud. Thanks for getting me there!"
-Jason P.

"As a new runner, I had no idea how to get started. Thank you for a fun program that keeps me motivated and improving. I never thought of my self as a 'runner' but now I do!"
-Pam L.

Common Questions We Get About RunClub

What happens when I join?

Well first you will receive a receipt for your purchase and a Welcome Email.  You will then be taken right into our training area!  From there watch a video where Greg will walk you through picking your first training plan, then you will want to introduce yourself to your new club...and then let the training begin…instantly.

Do you have a guarantee?

Of Course!

If you try our plans, participate in discussions, attend the coach meetings for 30 days and you still don’t love it and see yourself improving. 

We give your money back! Easy!

Do I really have access to coaches like Greg McMillan ?

YES!!! Ask the questions in the discussion areas, post messages, attend live video chats…this is real coaching, just online.

Exclusive access to THE coach that Runner’s World describes as “…one of the best and smartest distance running coaches in America.” Greg McMillan plus Ultrarunning legend, Ian Torrence, and Olympian, Andrew Lemoncello, and others.

What if I need to Cancel?

We will be very sad :(

But no worries! We know things come up and for whatever reason you want to leave your can do it at any time. You are in total control from the start.

How much does this cost - are there hidden fees?

Right now it’s only $39.99 a month…for everything!
-100's of training plans
-Training Guidance from Greg and Staff
- Video Coach Chat
-World's largest running club

No hidden fees and we don’t try to sell you anything on the inside. 

But, our prices WILL go up…so lock it in now.

I am a [beginner, expert]. Is RunClub still right for me?

An astounding yes!! We have plans and help for ALL running levels. Remember, it’s not just about the training either. You are now part of a club! Fully immersed in a tribe that is as dedicated to running as you are.

We have 100's of plans designed for all types of runners. From your very first 5k all the way to your fastest 100 miler and everything in between. Plus a group of world class coaches to support you through them.

WARNING: Currently, we only offer limited spots on the team a few times a year and they fill up fast! We do this so we can give current team members the attention and training they deserve. Once these spots are taken we will close again. 
Make Your Next Race Your Fastest. Get Pro Training Today

We close membership from time to time so we can give team members the attention and training they deserve. But, RunClub is now open again for new members so you caught this at the right time.

$39.99/mo and you can cancel at anytime and we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. RunClub is Perfect for YOU!

Now it's Your Turn - What About You?

We have laid out a proven framework that others are taking advantage of right now. What about you? What are you going to do, right now, to take your game to a whole new level? Can we offer a suggestion? Why not join RunClub? Try it out, use the plans, talk to the coaches, learn from the club...try it for at least a month. Is 30 days too much to ask?

In this 30 days you can have access to one of the most respected running coaches on the planet right now, Greg McMillan, and our other world class coaches. 30 days is plenty of time for you to immerse yourself in a training plan, attend a live coach session and get the tweaks you need from the club. This level of access and training is simply mind-blowing for this price...and not available anywhere else.

Inside you may learn that one piece of advice that you have been waiting for. That one tweak, that one little change...that can sky rocket your success as a runner and help your reach your goals faster. 

If you can take this one small step today we are going to let you join the club, and get everything that it includes, all for a crazy low price of $39.99 a month! (plus you can cancel at any time). 

That sounds fair right? 

Give us a "Yes" today and you will get instant access to RunClub, the coaches, the plans....everything and if for any reason you no longer find us to your liking, just let us know and we will remove you from the club. No worries! 

So join the RunClub today. This could be the best running investment you have ever made. You really have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Set 2016 To Be The Year You Crush Your Running Goals - Injury Free

We close membership from time to time so we can give team members the attention and training they deserve. But, RunClub is now open again for new members so you caught this at the right time.

$39.99/mo and you can cancel at anytime and we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. RunClub is Perfect for YOU!

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